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With a shortage of quality sportsbooks that allow U.S. players to participate, Bovada is the industry’s knight in shining armor.  They’re honest, they’re reliable, fair, and best of all, they offer the widest variety of political betting propositions anywhere U.S. players are allowed.  You can count on to offer reasonable odds, address issues fairly and quickly, and they pay their bets, and have for over a decade.  Whether you want to bet on Trump impeachment, or any other political bet, Bovada is the best.

At Betting Trump, we recommend only the best Sportsbooks. is our premiere sportsbook for political betting.  Here are 3 reasons why.

  • They offer a wide variety of political propositions
  •  is a trusted name in the online betting industry for over 2 decades
  • Bovada accepts U.S. credit cards and bitcoin.

I’ll give you more details below, but the bottom line is is our most recommended bookmaker for political wagers.  They’re legitimate and pay their bets.

Website U.S. Players Political Betting Bet on Trump Impeachment
bet on trump impeachment at Bovada;
Bet On Donald Trump Impeachment at Bavado

#1: Bovada.lg Politics Offers A Lot Of Props

No other online sportsbook offers the sheer amount of political propositions that does. If you’re a U.S. Player, they offer a healthy dose of American political wagers, but you can also bet on the international scene.   On August 30th, 2017, Politics offered no fewer than 15 political props. If you make a bet and want something to keep you entertained while you wait?  Bovada offers a wide variety of Casino games. From slots to poker, you’ll find something to do while you wait on your political bet to complete.

#2: They Are A Trusted Name In The Gaming Game started their first betting house in 1994 in the name of Bodog.  Since then, they have expanded into a well-rounded set of properties that offer wagers on everything from entertainment to slots.  Bovada is a pioneer in the online gaming industry.  They have, against all odds, remained at the top of the heap from then til now.  Bovada offers a dedicated support staff that’s attentive and friendly.  I’ve had limited encounters with the support staff, but they’ve always gone above and beyond my expectations.

#3: Bovada accepts U.S. credit cards and bitcoin

If you go to many sites, you have to use paypal, or some other inconvenient form of deposit method to get started. Not at Bovada.lg.  That’s right, at Bovada, you can use your credit card to make a deposit of you are an American player.

Bovada also accepts bitcoin, which is the fastest growing crypto-currency in circulation. What that means is that bitcoin is virtual money that makes it easier to pay and get paid online.  If you’re not sure about bitcoin, stick to a credit card at

Now signup at Politics

Here’s a short video showing someone signing up with

If you want a more in-depth rundown on how to signup at here you go.

1: go to Bovada – Click Here

2: Look for the gray box at the top right of your screen. It says “Join Now” Click that

bet on trump impeachment at bovada 1

3: Fill out the form to sign-up. It’s a standard sign-up form, pretty self-explanatory

bet on trump impeachment bovada enter information

4:  Now that you’ve created an account, its time to make a deposit.  Depositing at Bovada is very easy.  Find the red button that says “Deposit” in the top right corner of the screen and click it

bet on trump impeachment bovada deposit

5: Choose your currency. Follow the prompts for the currency you choose

bet on trump impeachment bovada currency

6: Enter your card or bitcoin information.

bet on trump impeachment bovada currency 2
bet on trump impeachment deposit final

Once you’ve done that you should continue back to the politics page. If you ever have trouble finding the politics section at Bovada, first, find the sidebar to the left and click the “All Sports” light green button with the down arrow

bovada politics review find politics 1

Once the dropdown drops, you should see politics near the top

bovada politics review find politics 2

In conclusion, I think your best bet online with wagering is with Bovada.  They offer the most bets. They offer some great odds, and competitive specials.  They are 100% legitimate and will pay when you win.  Most of all, they have all the gaming you’ll ever need and the best customer service around.

Website U.S. Players Political Betting Bet on Trump Impeachment
bet on trump impeachment at Bovada;
Bet On Donald Trump Impeachment at Bavado
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